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Thomas Dworzak

Thomas Dworzak was born in Koetzing, Germany, in 1972. Towards the end of his high school studies he began to travel and photograph in Europe and the Middle East, living in Avila, Prague and Moscow, and studying Spanish, Czech and Russian. After photographing the war in former Yugoslavia, he lived in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 1993 until 1998. During this period he documented the conflicts in Chechnya, Karabakh and Abkhazia as well as working on a larger-scale project about the Caucasus region and its people. Based in Paris from 1999, he covered the Kosovo crisis, mostly for „US News“ and „World Report“, and photographed events in Israel, the war in Macedonia, and the refugee crisis in Pakistan. After 9/11 Dworzak spent several months in Afghanistan on an assignment for „The New Yorker“. Based mainly in New York since 2004, he has been photographing the world of American politics and the impact of the war in Iraq. He is currently also working on the project Valiassr, an essay on Teheran´s main avenue. Among various awards Dworzak received the World Press Photo Award (Spot News Story, 1st prize, 2001) and the Picture of the Year International Award (2003). His work has been exhibited a.o. in New York, Santa Fe, London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Groningen, Amsterdam and Krakow. Publications: „Taliban“ (Trolley, 2003), „The Lion´s Grave: Dispatches from Afghanistan“ by Jon Le Anderson (Grove Atlantic Inc, 2003), „M*A*S*H I*R*A*Q“ (Prestel, 2007), „Kavkas/Kaukasus“ (Benteli, 2010). Dworzak joined Magnum Photos in 2000 and became a full member in 2004.