The Megapolis Tour
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As we speak, over 1,6 billion people live in cities: that is over half of the world’s population, a number that is growing daily. The megacity is defined as a city with over 10 million inhabitants. In 1950 just two of these cities existed: New York and Tokyo. Today there are nineteen and in just ten years this number will reach a staggering thirty cities worldwide and house two thirds of the worlds population. As the city increasingly becomes our new "natural" habitat, what can we expect from the metropolitan areas? What kind of home does architecture offer and how are individuals influenced by it? Is there such a thing as a recognizable youth culture? Can we get an indication of what our future may look like, today? What trends will emerge? The Megapolis Tour will introduce the fourteen cities destined to be the largest by 2020. Different photographers will each choose a city and present his/her personal view of the so-called “Megapolis” landscape: its architecture, its youth, its feel, its trends and movements….The main focus here is urbanity – and each series captures this in its own peculiar way. Fourteen international photographers have been chosen for their poignant and contemporary visual language, and just like the people in megacities, they will give an insight into the face of the future society. As we immerse ourselves in their vision, as different views, angles and emotions take shape; perhaps as a book, a picture on a wall or merely as an appearing thought, – we take part in creatively becoming tomorrow’s landscape. Be part of the community – collect the images of future megacities!


Tokyo, Japan 36 399 000
Mumbai (Bombay), India 24 051 000
Sao Paulo, Brazil 21 124 000
Ciudad de México (Mexico City), Mexico 20 695 000
Delhi, India 20 484 000
New York (-Newark), USA 20 370 000
Dhaka, Bangladesh 19 422 000
Kolkata (Calcutta), India 18 707 000
Shanghai, China 18 466 000
Karachi, Pakistan 16 922 000
Al-Qahirah (Cairo), Egypt 14 451 000
Lagos, Nigeria 14 134 000
Manila, Philippines 13 892 000
Buenos Aires, Argentina 13 653 000

*Source: United Nations „World Urbanization Prospects“